Elton Chessman

LEED for Homes QAD

A native of San Antonio, Elton Chessman has deep ties to the community. After studying engineering in College, he became a partner in a construction company that integrated ‘green building guidance’ while providing a full range of services for the custom home building and remodeling industry. A Master Carpenter, Elton has hands-on knowledge of how important every stage of construction is.

“My experience in the home building/remodeling industry for more than 20 years gives me unique insight into potential building failures, successes and green building practices that can assist project teams to build high-performance and sustainable homes,” says Elton.

Elton is a RESNET certified green rater, a LEED for Homes certified green rater, a LEED for Homes QAD, a LEED Homes AP, and a LEED Green Associate. He has been the LEED QAD for over 550 LEED for Homes certified projects and was the LEED for Homes Green Rater on more than 225 projects. He has completed more than 700 Energy Star residential verifications.

In addition, Elton performs City of San Antonio code compliance testing, CPS energy rebate testing, and Austin Energy home testing services/inspections.

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LEED for Homes QAD
LEED Green Associate
LEED for Homes Green Rater
RESNET Green Rater
NCI HVAC Performance Testing & Balancing