Testing & Verification

Functional performance testing is an integral part of the commissioning process and a valuable way to understand if high- performing building systems and enclosures are functioning as designed. A recent study of over 17,000 construction claims found that upwards of 80% of all claims resulted from uncontrolled rainwater and moisture transfer across the building enclosure. To manage risks and meet expectations, we can provide the following on-site performance testing:

Whole Building Air Tightness Testing using the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Air Leakage test protocol for Measuring Air Leakage in Buildings, ASTM E779 (2003): Test Method for Determining Air Leakage Rate by Fan Pressurization and ASTM E1827-96 (2002): Standard Test Methods for Determining Airtightness of Buildings Using an Orifice Blower Door

Smoke-Control Zone Testing following the protocols and performance requirements outlined in the NFPA 92A: Standard for Smoke-Control Systems Utilizing Barriers and Pressure Differences.

Window Assembly Testing to measure air and water infiltration in accordance with ASTM E 783 and ASTM E 1105.

HVAC Air Distribution System Testing Duct system airtightness measurements are used to diagnose and demonstrate leakage problems, estimate efficiency losses from duct leakage, and certify compliance with duct leakage standards.