Pressure Relationships

Controlling air pressure is fundamental to a high-performance building. Air carries moisture which impacts a materials long-term performance (serviceability) and structural integrity (durability), behavior in fire (smoke spread), indoor air quality (distribution of microbial pollutants) and thermal efficiency (energy). Understanding the significance of complex air flows and pressure distribution problems created by the interaction of the building enclosure with the mechanical system and climate can lead to changes in the way we design, commission, operate, and maintain our modern buildings.

Whether it’s a building failure or a complex pressure control problem, your call to Contects will be answered by the most highly capable group of building scientist, architects, and engineers. Our understanding of building pressures and air flows along with diagnostic protocols and measurement techniques can help project teams identify and fix problems in buildings related to indoor air quality, smoke and fire spread, infiltration of moisture, high energy operating costs, and comfort issues related to humidity and odors.