Enterprise Green Communities

 As an Enterprise Green Communities Technical Assistance Provider, Contects joins a long list of experts providing developers of Enterprise Community Partners-financed projects guidance with a wide range of technical assistance to successfully navigate the building of sustainable affordable housing.

The Enterprise Green Communities criteria as developed collaboratively by Enterprise with leading national organizations and experts. Contects provides technical assistance and a range of that include; integrated design, design review, energy services, healthy living environment, and construction review for all affordable housing development types, including new construction and rehabilitation in multifamily as well as single-family buildings.

Enterprise continues to rely on the following set of guiding principles in the evolution of the Criteria and other Enterprise Green Communities programmatic elements:

  • Achievable for all affordable housing development types (new construction, substantial and moderate rehab; single family, and low to high-rise multifamily);

  • Cost-effective and proven green development approaches;

  • Deliver significant health, economic and environmental benefits;

  • Technically sound and rigorous performance standards that  are comparable to other national and regional green residential programs;

  • Measurable and verifiable.