Significantly improving the thermal performance of the building enclosure has the potential to achieve large reductions in energy consumption. Measures taken to improve building enclosure thermal performance can, however, also dramatically affect moisture flows in the building, which in turn can adversely impact building durability and indoor air quality.

Many project teams include a “waterproofing consultant” to help reduce the risks associated with a moisture related failure. However, buildings are complex, and many moisture related failures are the result of a complicated interaction between the building enclosure and mechanical system. Our mix of building enclosure and mechanical system expertise allows us to provide a more integrated; systems based approach to evaluating the overall effectiveness of a building enclosure strategy.

At the heart of what we do is applied building science. We work with project teams during the design and construction phase to manage the risks associated with moisture, heat, air, UV exposure and ensure the client's expectations for durability and energy efficiency are successfully integrated into the project.