Woodlands Army Reserve Center


US Army Corp of Engineers


Houston, TX

LEED Consultant:

Chip Henderson


Green Rater:

Project Goal:

To design and build a an energy efficient facility with a building enclosure that minimizes both infiltration and exfiltration. To control air infiltration and exfiltration in buildings, a planned approach to airtightening is needed, called an air barrier "system." A continuous air barrier system is the combination of interconnected materials, flexible sealed joints and components of the building envelope that provide the airtightness of the building enclosure and separations between conditioned and unconditioned spaces.


Contects is providing consulting and the required U.S. Army Corps of Engineers testing to verify the integrity of the air barrier system. Verification will include thermography testing per ASTM C 1060 and building enclosure air leakage testing per the protocols outlined in ASTM E779 (2009): Test Method for Determining Air Leakage Rate by Fan Pressurization and ASTM E1827-96 (2002): Standard Test Methods for Determining Airtightness of Buildings Using an Orifice Blower Door.

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