Leed Certification
Energy and Atmosphere

Virgina Point Home


Dan & Adele Hedges


Houston, TX

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The goal of this single family residence in Houston was to use the smartest design, applications and technologies to create a home that was net-zero and LEED Platinum certified. The couple was leaving their traditional Georgian two-story brick home for one that was radically different--both in terms of design and function. "Houston is the energy capital of the U.S., so what better place to have a home that products its own energy," said homeowner Daniel Hedges.


The house design maximizes solar collection, starting with the site itself. The longest part of the large rectangular corner lot faces south and the house follows the same course--a shed roof design with a south pitch at the optimum angle for the region (30 degrees) holds most of the home's 140 170W solar panels (with an output of approximately 23.8 kW). In fact, because of the region's susceptibility to hurricanes, the rooftop solar panels are integrated with the home's steel framing. And a battery backup system enables the home to function independently in extreme weather.

Because of potential flooding in the Houston area, the 3,500 square foot house features primary living spaces on the second level. The contemporary design incorporates traditional passive cooling techniques while employing a geothermal heating and cooling system (four, 2-ton heat pumps with 10, 300 foot wells) and a 7,000 gallon underground rainwater collection system for potable water needs, which is purified using UV radiation before use.

The exterior of the house reflects the independent nature of the structure, which includes zero maintenance, exposed galvanized steel framing and galvanized aluminum siding in large, medium and fine textures to distinguish the different volumes of the building. Inside, the home uses a combination of polished concrete for the first floor, and warm, renewable bamboo for flooring and cabinets on the second story.

This was the first house in the city of Houston to receive LEED Platinum certification and is a net-zero consumer of energy.

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