Leed Certification
Sustainable Sites

Patton Park


Fort Hood Family Housing


Fort Hood, TX

LEED Consultant:

Chip Henderson

Project Goal:

Patton Park, located on Fort Hood Military Base, includes 149 detached single-family homes. This project is currently the largest LEED Silver community development throughout all Army military installations and the largest in the state of Texas. "The time is not far off when companies will have to justify their worth to society, with greater emphasis placed on environmental and social impacts than straight economics." - Dick Dusseldorp Lend Lease Founder,


Contects-Consultants and Architects worked with JHP Architects to provide LEED technical support and the third-party verification required for this project to achieve LEED Silver status. Chip Henderson, Principal of Contects, worked with the project’s key players for one year to make sure that a pre-determined budget would be met and with the ultimate goal to design and build high-performance structures that balance economic, human, and environmental considerations.

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