Laura Thomas, photographer

Laura Thomas, photographer

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MIR - Constructs House


Make-It-Right Foundation


New Orleans, LA

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The evolution of the “Shotgun” house: During the slave trade, West Africans were brought to the Caribbean for sugar cane production in 1503. The Tainos, the original inhabitants of Haiti, lived in simple houses made of thatched walls and roofs. When the Africans arrived in Haiti they combined the house of the Tainos with their own. These houses, called Cailles, were made of mud, straw, wood and thatch. The Caille was usually a thin, narrow building with a gabled entrance, with plastered, stucco walls, a thatched roof, and shuttered windows. Houses such as these may still be found in rural Haiti, where villages without monetary resources are limited to using only natural materials. But more commonly one will find a shotgun house made of wood the next logical transformation.


Constructs take on the next step of evolution: Manipulations of the circulation path relates to the city grid shift which takes place in the lower 9th ward. This new axis combined with penetrations and voids creates a more unique experience while moving through the space.

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