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Brownsville Community Development Co.


Brownsville, TX

LEED Consultant:

Chip Henderson


Community Development Corporation of Brownsville

Green Rater:

Project Goal:

A home is the center of our daily lives. It’s the place for family and friends. It’s where we are safe from the worries of the world. Home is where we relax in comfort. A place to call home is what most of us wish for and work towards, but for many is simply a dream. Given a chance, most people will do everything in their power to make the dream of owning a home come true. The dream of owning a new home can come true through the many affordable housing programs offered by the Community Development Corporation of Brownsville.


Through below market financing, quality construction, the use of efficient home designs, and targeted outreach, the Community Development Corporation of Brownsville provides assistance to low income families and helps them realize the dream of owning a new home.

CDCB serves the southernmost area of the United States – Cameron County, Texas, which shares its border with Mexico on the south, and the Gulf of Mexico on its east. Though CDCB's mission is to assist low income families in attaining home ownership. The quality of that home is equally important. CDCB is using the LEED for Homes green rating checklist to help provide healthy, comfortable, energy efficient, and affordable housing to families earning as little as $8,000 per year.

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