Leed Certification
Innovation and Design

Frugoli-Kurtz Residence


Julia Frugoli & Harry Kurtz


Central, SC

LEED Consultant:

Chip Henderson

Project Goal:

Harry and Julia Kurtz-Frugoli have traveled a long and challenging road to platinum LEED for Homes certification status on their 3,086-square foot home in Central, S.C. When they began construction in 2007, LEED for Homes standards in South Carolina were less than a year old and no home had been certified at any level. In fact, at that point there were only about 1,000 homes certified nationwide since the residential LEED for Homes program was established by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) in 2006.


LEED for Homes was established to promote a more environmentally-friendly residential building industry, an issue that drove the two Clemson University professors to pursue certification on their new home. Understanding that the LEED for Homes Rating System is complex, the Kurtz-Frugoli turned to Paradise Upstate and sustainable architect Bob Bourguignon to maneuver through a strict process that awards points based on performance in eight distinct categories. Harry and Julia now enjoy the most sustainable home on the block and hope it inspires others to follow their environmentally-friendly lead towards LEED for Homes certification

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