Leed Certification
Innovation and Design



Mayard Investments


Lafayette, LA

LEED Consultant:

Chip Henderson

Green Rater:

Project Goal:

Throughout the country LEED certified houses are offering homeowners the opportunity to live in a healthier and more efficient environment than what is available with most conventionally constructed real estate today. Our vision is to bring that option to Lafayette and give the people of Acadiana the ability to enjoy all the benefits a LEED certified home has to offer. Aside from being “green” homes, these four houses (located at 1611 West University Ave) were designed specifically for their neighborhood and will fit well into the community while benefiting occupants through using less energy, providing lower utility costs, creating less waste and promoting a revival of an older development.


These four eco-friendly houses inLafayette, Louisiana are designed with a local urban Creole typology in mind while referring to the craftsman houses in their neighborhood. Sculpturally designed, four “tubes” sit upon a continuous urban wall, an historic feature in Louisiana cities. Each one rhythmically alternates in shape giving some variation beyond color and material. These “tubes” cantilever over the wall to create upper-story galeries, an undeniable part of Louisiana historic architecture.

Sustainable “green” features include recycled or locally harvested materials, less construction waste, highly efficient plumbing fixtures, pervious paving in the front yards, a walkable location, and a redeveloped site. As high performance houses they conserve energy with highly-efficient windows, foam insulation, a multi-speed HVAC system and on-demand water heating. As healthy houses they contain only low- and no-VOC (low off-gassing) paints, flooring and caulks; a very tight air filter and fresh air intake. As durable houses they are made with high performance house wrap, fiber-cement boards as cladding, vinyl windows and exterior doors, solid core interior doors, low- to no-maintenance flooring and waterproof baseboards.

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