BASF Utility Control Building


BASF Center for Building Excellance


Geismar, LA

LEED Consultant:

Chip Henderson


Green Rater:

Project Goal:

The Geismar Site is the largest manufacturing facility at BASF Corporation. Located on a 2,640-acre site, of which only 700 acres are developed, the Geismar facility comprises 15 manufacturing units within 6 manufacturing groups. About 1,000 BASF employees and 250 contractors are currently working at the site. Located on the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, the area offers a wide range of cultural and recreational activities, from the tranquility of fishing to the excitement of Mardi Gras. Louisiana is famous for its excellent cuisine based on French, Cajun, and Creole influences.


The utility control building will be located a previously developed site within the boundary of the Geismar Site. Social responsibility and environmental protection is a fundamental requirement for all BASF activities. Toward this goal, BASF will pilot a beta version the LEED v4 Green Rating System. The LEED program provides a framework for identifying, communicating, implementing, and measuring sustainable outcomes. Over the past ten years, LEED has rapidly expanded into a global system representing over 9.8 billion square feet in 35 countries.

LEED v4 is a vital step in the evolution and continuous improvement of the program. LEED v4 is posed to raise the bar on performance and take a stronger stand on human health than any other versions of LEED. BASF will help drive this transformation of the built environment in their leadership with this project and as a worldwide supplier of innovative products and intelligent solutions.

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