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Andrews Residence


Make-It-Right Foundation


New Orleans, LA

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Project Goal:

One of the goals identified by Brad Pitt’s Make-It-Right design team of Graft, William McDonough + Partners, and John Williams Architects was to achieve a community of vitality and diversity and complement the spirit and people of the Lower Ninth Ward while serving as a model for rebuilding devastated communities both locally and globally, around the world.


Graft’s design merges metaphorical abstractions of traditional and modern architecture, driven with the purpose of capitalizing on the more successful components within each as a means with which to generate a more robust whole.

The starting point of a traditional New Orleans shot gun house, is abstractly represented through an expressive, almost exaggerated, gable roof and generous front porch. The fluidity of the relationship between home and community, the provision of areas designated to interaction with neighbors and friends, is truly one of the things that makes the Lower 9th so incredibly special. We felt it important to pay homage to this. Through progression of the project, the house is coupled with modern affordable sustainable amenities. The transition of short section of the house reflects the progressive transformation, until finally arriving at a representation of contemporary modernism, expressed at the rear of the home, vis-à-vis the iconic flat roof, commonly associated with the apex of modernism.

This resulting flat roof space offers the opportunity to program a safe haven; a space designed to aid in life safety by providing a strategy for passive survivability.

Sustainable features include:
Solar panels, rainwater catchment system, geothermal heat pump, operable windows and high ceilings for stack and cross ventilation, highly insulated hurricane resistant windows, high R-value insulation, low VOC paint and finish materials, permeable pavement, Energy Star labeled appliances, ceiling fans, and low flow toilets, lavatories and shower heads.

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