Courtesy of Concordia Architects

Leed Certification
Innovation and Design

4523 Congo Street


Central Dallas Ministries


Dallas, TX

LEED Consultant:

Chip Henderson



Green Rater:

Project Goal:

The Congo Street Green Initiative is an effort to empower 5 single-family homeowners through design while revitalizing a forgotten street in Dallas. Congo Street, with a density of 26 units per acre and houses averaging 600 square feet, is a remnant of a socially and economically segregated time. Built before 1910, this small community of dwellings fell into disrepair with little attention despite being located two miles from our city center and three blocks from the grounds of the State Fair. Many of those who live there now are the children and grandchildren of former renters, and witness to multiple generations of its tight-knit community.


The Initiative serves as a model for sustainable projects demonstrating that green design can be affordable for all communities. Houses are built for $50,000, but more importantly, the 'Holding House' model keeps residents in their own neighborhood. The Holding House, located at 4537 Congo Street, serves as temporary residence for each family during the time it takes to evaluate and renovate or rebuild their home. It has achieved LEED for Homes Gold and 4529 Congo Street is slated to achieve LEED for Homes Platinum, and each subsequent home will meet either USGBC REGREEN standards for renovations or LEED for Homes certification for new construction. The importance of this building approach is that it retains social cohesion while making as much use as possible of the existing physical infrastructure. This benefits the current families of the neighborhood, not hypothetical new residents, and serves as a model for a new way to revitalize existing neighborhoods.

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