The Art of Sustainability

Education & Awareness
Chip Henderson, AIA, CEM, LEED Faculty
November 10, 2012
The Art of Sustainability

What is the value of exchange and collaboration between folks with different intelligences, experiences and points of view? And how can we learn from the arts to enrich this exchange and foster our professional performance? The process of sharing ideas and removing restraints begins with a single step, an integrated design approach. This simple idea becomes a collaborative tool for creating a shared roadmap for building transformation – "the art of the possible".  Value percolates from diversity and the integrated or whole building design approach becomes a tool to the visual and economic possibilities.  It doesn’t take much to perceive reality in a different way. We continuously use our senses to transform things aesthetically. This is how art happens because art can be very simple and powerful.

As a species, humans have begun the most important infrastructure shift in our history. We can no longer consume resources without thinking of our planet’s health and we want to be more responsible citizens of the world. Yet, we have the same requirements: we still need energy, water and food.  Assembling and combining the building blocks of sustainability for a new era takes creativity and leadership.  In a collaborative approach, we must gaze into the future, understand deeply, plan respectfully, and act bravely.

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