Make It Right

Chip Henderson, AIA, CEM, LEED Faculty
September 8, 2012
Make It Right

Hurricane Isaac ironically marked the fifth year of actor Brad Pitt's modernistic post-Katrina housing development in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. The impact of the 86 or so homes already completed as part of the Make It Right project is undeniable. With the exception of a few pieces of loose siding, the homes did not sustain any structural damage by the tropical storm force winds and rain of Hurricane Isaac. All of the homes are engineered and built to withstand 136-mile-per-hour winds using advanced framing techniques which actually use 25% less framing lumber than typical homes.

The neighborhood is truly coming back and coming together with a unique architectural identity. The first few cutting-edge designs looked out of place to those expecting to see Acadian or plantation architecture, but the avant-garde residential designs by 21 renowned architecture firms such as BNIM, Eskew+Dumez+Ripple, Gehry Partners, Adjaye Associates and Concordia have blended in way to create a remarkable and real neighborhood. The hard working folks at the Make It Right Foundation and the local architectural firm of John C. Williams & Associates are succeeding in pulling together an architecturally and financially ambitious redevelopment project.  The sustainably built LEED Platinum certified homes are energy-efficient, more comfortable and safer than the pre-Hurricane Katrina homes. Good job team!

Ellen Degenres and Brad Pitt