O'Neill Conrad Oppelt Architects

Larry O'Neill began practice in 1969. In 1979, Mickey Conrad and Mark Oppelt joined this firm and in 1984, O'Neill Conrad Oppelt Architects, Inc. was formed. This group has since built a solid reputation as a regionally sensitive design firm with sensible architectural solutions. O'Neill Conrad Oppelt Architects, Inc. has developed a distinct "problem seeking and solving" process that each of its clients has applauded and rewarded with numerous multiple commissions over its history.

OCO Architects has developed specialties in designing Educational, Institutional, Religious and Commercial building types over the past 20 years. We have served every client type, but the majority of our past clients include K-12 Independent School Districts (90%), Local, State and Federal Governmental authorities (5%), Churches (3%) and Private Commercial (2%) entities. These extended relationships have resulted in steady growth and a reputation in the construction industry that has afforded its clients with well designed and constructed functional projects where completion on time and within budget is a priority. The demand for quality in both design and construction has also resulted in over 20 design awards by their peers throughout the life of the firm.

Contact Info:
114 E. Cevallos Street
San Antonio, TX 78204
Phone: (210) 829-1737
Website: http://ocoarchitects.com/