John Watson

“John Covert Watson is a sole practitioner designing architectural structures and working under the umbrella of Biostructures, Inc. He was apprenticed to the Taleisin fellowship during the latter years of Frank Lloyd Wright’s life and worked with him on usonian houses, the Guggenheim Museum in New York City and the Marin County Civic Center in California. He was drawn to the concept of organic architecture and its reflection of sculptural forms that blend into natural surroundings, having as little impact on the site as possible. His choice of materials has included steel, gunite, glass and pumicecrete and his work is known for its unique curvilinear and sensuous forms. The specific building codes of Santa Fe, New Mexico led him to experiment with new forms and materials in an earlier house done in the nineties as well as in his current project for Wilson and Jenna Scanlan. He is currently engaged in a challenge of different dimensions in Austin, TX that involves a floating ferroconcrete boathouse and entertainment pavilion, an addition to a residence he built 30 years ago.”